The Vermont Net, was founded for the purpose of carrying on friendly and relaxed communications in the interest of amateur radio.
The HF net meets everyday, on 3975 KHz at 7:30 PM local time and covers the northeastern area of the United States.

The CQ100 net meets at 3975 KHz at 8 PM local time and covers the world. Click for CQ100 Info.

Net Manager: Al - W1VTP

HF Net Control Stations

Sunday KA1TWV - Elaine
Monday W1RFP - Bunny
Tuesday W1CVO - John
Wednesday W3PFC - Paul
Thursday W1VTP - Al
Friday W1RFP - Bunny
Saturday KB3IRZ - Craig

CQ100 Net Control Stations

Sunday W2BLC - Bill
Monday W2BLC - Bill
Tuesday W1VTP - Al
Wednesday W1RFP - Bunny
Thursday N2OLA - John
Friday K1GSE - George
Saturday W2BLC - Bill

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